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Our company is part of an international group of companies engaged in import, export, manufacturing and trading of a diversified range of food products since 1951, distributing Spices, Dehydrated/Canned Fruit and Vegetables, Nuts and more to over 50 countries with annual group turnover exceeding $120 million. With our network spreadout across Asia, we are centrally located to source fresh high quality Food Ingredients as also to distribute high quality consumer food products. And our closeness with Indian and Chinese markets put us at the centre of high growth, high potential consumer markets which together account for about one-fourth of the World Population.


We were good before, now we are even BETTER! Orient Resources Company believe that we can only speak for our products if our Quality Systems speak for themselves. And now we can prove it.

Our Brands


Product Portfolio

Agar Agar Strips
25g in Silk Ribbon/bag x 860 bags/bale, 126 bales/20'
Agar Agar Strips
25g in Silk Ribbon/bag x 80 bags/ctn, 1100 ctns/40'
Agar Agar Powder
25kg/drum, 14mt/20'

Canned Lychees in Light Syrup

24x567g/ctn, DW 230g, 1350ctn/20'

Canned Fruit Cocktail

12x425g/ctn, DW 220g, 3400 ctn/20'

Canned Pineapple Slice in Light Syrup

24x425g/ctn, DW 246g, 1750ctn/20'

Canned Pineapple Pieces in Light Syrup

24x425g/ctn, DW 246g, 1750ctn/20'

Caraway Seeds 99.5% or better if required

25kg/bags 25mt/40'

Cassia Broken FAQ, max. 2% admixture, Volatile Oil min. 1.7cc/100ml

25kg/ctn, 13mt/20'

Cassia Broken HPS, clean, max.0.1% admixture, Volatile Oil min. 1.7cc/100ml

25kg/bag, 9mt/20'

Cassia HPS, cut to desired length

10kg/ctn, 11mt/40'

Cassia HPS Regency

200gx100/ctn, 11mt/40'

Cassia Whole, Regency Loose

25kg/ctn, 25mt/40'

Cassia Tube, Regency

10kg/ctn, 11mt/40'

Cloves Regency, Indonesian or Madagascar origin

25 or 50kg/bag, 11mt/20'

Clove Stems - FAQ and Regency

40kg/bag, 20mt/20'

Galangal Roots - Whole (with added SO2) or Split (without added SO2)

50kg/bag, 20mt/40'

Dehydrated Garlic Flakes, Grade AA, A, B or C

20kg/ctn, 20mt/40'

Dehydrated Garlic Granules, various grades and mesh sizes

12.5kg x 2/ctn, 18mt/20'

Dehydrated Garlic Powder, 100/120 mesh, various grades

12.5kg x 2/ctn, 18mt/20'

Ginger Whole

25 or 50kg/bag, 25mt/40'

Golden Raisins

10kg/ctn, 18mt/20'

Kashmar Raisins

10kg/ctn, 18mt/20'

Green Raisins

10kg/ctn, 25mt/40'

Malayer Raisins

10kg/ctn, 18mt/20'

Lump Sugar White/Yellow,

400gx40, 500gx40, and 25kg loose/bag, 20-25mt/20'

Mace S/A - HPS, Whole, Broken no.1 or Broken no.2

various packing, 6-10mt/20'

Nutmegs - With Shell, ABCD, BWP, SS

various - 10-15mt/20'

Pistachio Kernels, Green

10kg/ctn, 10mt/20'

Pistachio Kernels, Regency

10kg/ctn, 10mt/20'

Canned Lychees in Light Syrup

24x567g/ctn, 1350ctn/20'

Star Aniseeds - Whole/Broken - Regency and FAQ

10-20kg/ctn, 25kg/bag - 6.75-9mt/20'

Szechwan Pepper

10kg/ctn, 6.5mt/20'


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